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Useful R Packages

Task Package Description
Health state variable definition and estimation from diverse data types; Causal inference about treatment main effects dagR

Contains functions to draw, manipulate, and evaluate directed acyclic graphs (DAG), with a focus on epidemiologic applications, namely the assessment of adjustment sets and potentially biasing paths

Latent class and trend identification/ estimation with repeated, multivariate, diverse observations (RMD observations) poLCA

Estimation of latent class models and latent class regression models for polytomous outcome variables

Causal inference of interactions with a large number of potential effect modifiers sem

Functions for estimating structural equations in observed-variables models by two-stage least squares, and for fitting general structural equation models with multinormal errors and latent variables by full-information maximum likelihood


Causal structure learning and estimation of causal effects from observational data


Estimates and helps interpret the results of an enormous range of statistical models