Prostate Cancer Advisory Board Minutes

PCORI Prostate Cancer Advisory Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Julia Bindman, Bal Carter, Yates Coley, Kyle Hasty, Joe Huntley, Amy Hushen, Peter Johnson, Melinda Krakow, Tricia Landis, William Lewis, Mufaddal Mamawala, Jasmine McNeil, Craig Pollack, Archana Radhakrishnan, William Wilson, Scott Zeger, Risha Zuckerman

Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Scott Zeger welcomed everyone and explained the reason for the meeting. The participants introduced themselves and shared their role in the project. 

Recap of Project Objectives and Activities Since the Last Meeting

Dr. Zeger provided an overview of where this project stands within the larger PCORI grant and within the development of the tool for Johns Hopkins and beyond. Dr. Yates Coley reviewed the objectives of the projects, outlining which ones have been accomplished, which are currently being pursued, and what the future steps are. Since the last meeting, a clinical support tool to be embedded in Epic has been developed with initial feedback to be gathered today.

Review of Clinical Support Tool in Epic

Prior to the review of the clinical support tool, all three patient stakeholders shared their story of diagnosis and what led them to choose active surveillance. This was helpful to the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) team to learn the context for how the information will be received. A shot of each screen in the tool was shared. The patients provided specific comments on each screenshot, including what was successful, what information would be useful to add, and what needs more clarification.  Dr. Coley and Ms. Jasmine McNeil (TIC) took detailed notes on all of the suggestions to see how and where they could be integrated.  

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