Our Grants

Title Agency PI Amount ($)

Statistical Methods for Development, Validation and Implementation of Absolute Risk Models

PCORI Chatterjee 750,000

Precision Measurement in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sibley Zeger, Saria 297,390

Precision Measurement, Capture and Analysis of RA Data

Sibley Rosen 1,197,408

Data Science Infrastructure for the Johns Hopkins Optimizing Cancer Screening Working Group

CRF Zeger 100,000

Incorporating Life Expectancy Calculators into Cancer Screening Decisions

CRF Pollack 49,955

Stakeholder Views of Streamlined Informed Consent Options for CER Studies

PCORI Faden, Kass 653,343

Bayesian Statistical Algorithm and iPAD Application for Prostate Cancer Decision Support

CRF Zeger 50,000

Innovative Randomized Trial Designs to Generate Stronger Evidence about Subpopulation Benefits and Harms

PCORI Rosenblum 1,044,901

Patients’ Views of Streamlined Ethical Oversight of Patient Centered Outcomes Research: What Counts as Respectful and Appropriate in the Eyes of Patients?

PCORI Kass, Faden, Cooke 1,699,601

Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund

Walsh Zeger 100,000

Personalized Radiation Therapy Using an Analytic Database of Previously Treated Patients

Commonwealth Foundation McNutt 250,000

Toshiba Center for Big Data in Healthcare

Toshiba Zeger 300,000

New Design and Analysis Tools for Randomized Trials, with Clinical Applications in Stroke, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, Alzheimer’s Disease, and HIV Prevention

FDA Rosenblum 199,566

SCH:INT: Collaborative Research: Modeling Disease Trajectories in Patients with Complex Multiphentotypic Conditions

NSF Saria 1,391,883

Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Data Discovery Index Coordination Consortium: The Cardiovascular Research Grid

NIH Winslow 159,202

Radiation Oncology Mobile Tools for Clinical Data Collection and Analysis

Elekta/ IMPAC McNutt, Wong, DeWeese 413,000

Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Design and Analysis of Studies to Individualize Healthcare

PCORI Zeger 839,941

Bayesian Geometry-Driven and Risk-Based IMRT Plan Quality Control and Automation Using an Analytic Database of Prior Patient Treatment Plans

Philips Healthcare McNutt 248,023

​Making Better Use of Randomized Trials: Assessing Applicability and Transporting

PCORI Dahabreh, Stuart 925,636

Assessment of HPV vaccine policies and procedures among JHCP clinics to inform potential intervention efforts to increase vaccine uptake among Maryland boys and girls

Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund at Johns Hopkins Joshu 49,824

Spatial Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Baltimore City to Inform Future Screening Interventions

Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund at Johns Hopkins Joshu 49,976

Multidisciplinary Integrative Genomic Approach to Distinguish Lethal from Indolent Prostate Cancer in Men of European and African Ancestry

NCI Pienta, De Marzo 4,500,000

Total Funded


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