Novel Measures and Processes

The individualization of patient care will be driven, in part, by the creation of new ways to measure disease and the implementation of innovative practices. inHealth investigators are researching novel measures to further our understanding of each individual’s health status and likely health trajectory. Additionally, our investigators are testing the implementation of innovative processes that will improve patient care and seamlessly integrate new medical knowledge into clinical practice.

Novel Measures: Several inHealth projects are focused on the creation of novel measures. inCAS is researching the potential to use circulating tumor DNA to predict cancer outcome and improve cancer screening. inADM is combining an innovative computational approach with immunologic data to suggest novel ways to measure and predict scleroderma. Oncospace is analyzing radiologic images to determine new approaches to quantify tumor data. Visit the inCAS, inADM, and Oncospace pages for more information.

Novel Processes: Processes to effectively learn from patient data and to integrate new evidence into patient care must be in place to improve health care delivery. Members of the Learning Methodologies Core (LMC) are investigating ethical ways to obtain patient consent for electronic medical record-based research, with a focus on exploring a patient opt-out option. inCAR, inCAS, and Oncospace are designing tools that will incorporate evidence-based decision support into the clinical workflow. Visit the LMC, inCAR, inCAS, and Oncospace pages for more information.

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