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Thanks for visiting the new blog of the Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative or Hopkins inHealth, for short.  Excuse the formality of this post, but it is the first and so deserves some pomp with a bit of circumstance on the side.

Hopkins inHealth is a loose affiliation of more than 100 faculty, staff, and students who are individually and collectively building ideas, methods, and tools at the interface of the data and biomedical sciences. Our strategy is to make it easier to map each person’s unique health trajectory, anticipate his or her risks, and manage them proactively to achieve his or her best possible health. Our shared long-range goal is to improve population health at more affordable costs.

We know that at Johns Hopkins, there are thousands of people who are either discovering better tools to improve biomedical science or who wish they had use of such tools to produce better health in their populations, clients, and patients at more affordable costs. We ask that you take a look at Hopkins inHealth and join us in transforming American health and health care. 

There is plenty of work to go around. If among the OECD countries, the US spent the second highest amount per capita on health instead of the most, we would save $1 trillion per year (7% of GDP).  And, as is well known, our population has health outcomes in the lower quarter of the OECD, despite our higher health care spending. Johns Hopkins is working to be part of the solution to this health care crisis.

So visit our homepage at  http://hopkinsinhealth.jhu.edu  to learn more about and become a member of inHealth. 

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