Hopkins inHealth Announces “Shark Tank” Awards

On August 17th and 18th, Hopkins inHealth and the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) hosted a ‘Shark Tank’ event where eight faculty-, staff- and student-led teams competed for guaranteed spots in the TIC Entrepreneurial Pre-accelerator program along with 25 hours of consultation with Hopkins inHealth’s core services. We sought digital health tools that would bring science and health care together to improve population and patient outcomes. Pitches were carefully scored by a group of “sharks” from diverse backgrounds, including business, clinical medicine, information technology, and individualized health.  

We are pleased to announce the three winners of the accelerating prizes.

Jenny Townsend, Clinical Decision Support App for Antibiotic Stewardship

This app will provide physicians with point of care treatment recommendations for common infectious diagnoses. The platform is accessible online or on a smartphone and has the potential for direct integration into electronic medical records. It allows the stewardship team to directly edit and update clinical pathways, add references, hyperlink to other pathways, and collect real time data on app usage (e.g., how many providers used the urinary tract infection pathway and what was entered?). The initial app launch will contain eight pathways that will guide providers through diagnosis and treatment recommendations for eight conditions common to hospital medicine.

Julia Lerner, David Effron, Corinne Sandone, Interactive Post-Operative Depiction for Electronic Medical Records

This interactive program will enable clinicians to quickly, feasibly, and accurately document post-procedural anatomy. Through an intuitive platform, the operating physician will manipulate a normal anatomical depiction of the gastrointestinal tract to accurately reflect resections and anastomoses at appropriate distances and configurations. The surgeon will then be able to incorporate the resulting image into the patient’s record in a read-only format.

Nara Sobreira and Casey Overby, PhenoDB

PhenoDB is a novel annotation pipeline that will identify the terms found in Epic clinical notes to describe the phenotype of patients seen by different medical specialties and transfer those terms to PhenoDB.  In PhenoDB, terms describing a patient will be stored in a centralized and standardized manner. This novel approach will facilitate the description of the patient as a whole in terms that are easily categorized and searchable. It will also enable integration of phenotype and genomic data, improving diagnostic processes and treatment choices and providing a resource for clinical and translational research across large sets of patients receiving care at Johns Hopkins.

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