Study Design and Data Analysis Core

The Study Design and Data Analysis (SDDA) Core innovates in the design and analysis of public health and clinical research to improve decisions that advance population or patient health.

Core services include:

  • Discovering, testing, and implementing novel methods for designing and analyzing data from studies that improve decisions about population and patient health
  • Developing, validating, and applying risk models to devise strategies for stratified disease prevention
  • Collaborating to design, test, and implement decision support tools to improve decision making in population and patient health management
  • Disseminating new methods and tools within and then beyond the Johns Hopkins Health System
  • Applying novel designs and analyses to inHealth pilot studies


To consult the Study Design and Data Analysis Core, submit a request here. A Johns Hopkins ID is required to log-in. 

More information on how to submit a request can be found on the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research website.

Questions? Contact Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee at or his assistant, Melanie Smolter, at

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