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The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative (Hopkins inHealth) seeks to improve individual and population health outcomes through scientific advances at the interface of biomedical and data science. Hopkins inHealth is a collaboration of the Johns Hopkins University, Health System, and Applied Physics Laboratory that will make health promotion and disease prevention, detection, and treatment more precise and ultimately more affordable.

Hopkins Program to Individualize Autoimmune Disease...

Autoimmune diseases are diverse, both in how they manifest and in how they progress. This diversity makes it difficult for clinicians to anticipate which patients will suffer from the most severe forms of disease and, consequently, how to best treat each patient. inADM investigators envision a future where clinicians not only understand the unique disease biology and likely disease...

Researcher Spotlight

Two Hopkins researchers, Carlos Pardo-Villamizar and Steven Salzberg, are testing a novel approach that could revolutionize brain infection diagnosis.

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Predictive Analytics in the Clinic

Prediction modeling is a useful, though limited, tool for clinicians.

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Vital Sign Measurement Made Easy

Hopkins researchers design device that measures vital signs for patient use.

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The Ethics of the Learning Health System

Learning health systems require effective, ethical oversight.

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