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The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative (Hopkins inHealth) seeks to improve individual and population health outcomes through scientific advances at the interface of biomedical and data science. Hopkins inHealth is a collaboration of the Johns Hopkins University, Health System, and Applied Physics Laboratory that will make health promotion and disease prevention, detection, and treatment more precise and ultimately more affordable.

The Genetic Risk of Heart Disease

Genetic counseling may improve therapy uptake in those at risk for heart disease.

Hopkins Students Undertake Data Visualization

Hopkins undergrads learn two big ideas to individualize health and improve health care.

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease with Statistics

Hopkins researcher Zheyu Wang develops a statistical approach to shed light on Alzheimer’s disease.

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Recent News

Decision support antibiotic app launched in Scotland

The Scottish government funded an app to facilitate antibiotic prescribing.

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Colon Cancer Recurrence Detected by Genetic Test

DNA circulating in patients’ blood may predict colon cancer recurrence.

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David Valle Recognized for Excellence in Human Genetics...

Hopkins inHealth Steering Committee Member receives prestigious award.

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